Modern Music School is one of the biggest music schools in the world. We teach the typical Rock and Pop instruments: drums, bass, guitar, keyboard/piano and vocals. The concept of our lessons is based on motivation, practical relevance and brain based learning. We make our students confident people, who can express and fulfill themselves by making music.

VibrA is THE music school for DJing and producing. Here students can learn everything it takes to become a DJ. A detailed curriculum leads them to achieve their personal goals, step by step. In our producing lessons we teach our students everything they need to produce their own music. With fun and motivation, even total beginners can learn to produce their favorite music and by that make others dance.

Kling Klong – the early childhood music education program from Modern Music School that all children love! Kling Klong combines music, play and creativity on the basis of child-friendly pedagogy and not only stimulates the imagination but also promotes the development of the child. With Kling Klong, children from 1 ½ to the age of 6 can playfully and easily discover the world of sound and rhythm.

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If you are ready to develop your potential at the Modern Music School, Classical Sounds Academy, VibrA or at Kling Klong, then apply now. With our program, you can show us your skills, go through each level of the Teacher Training Program and benefit from all the special features our network offers teachers. Everything will be combined with lots of fun and good music!

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